Summit Leadership Advisors- Developing Your Customized Breakout Leadership Program.

Developing Your Customized Breakout Leadership Program 

Summit Leadership Advisors will work with you to develop a custom Breakout Leadership Program for your organization.  The program relies on the participation of senior managers to harness the talent of high potential professionals and develop them into leaders within your organization.  We will work with you to:


  Assess your Company Culture

  • Canvas internal mid-level and executive professionals
  • Review internal talent development metrics
  • Illuminate areas of strength within the organization
  • Uncover development needs for the company


  Analyze Results of Cultural Study/Develop Program Strategy

  • Highlight structural organizational biases
  • Recommend cultural and structural modifications
  • Develop goals for the Breakout Leadership Program
  • Draft program curriculum, budget and timeline


   Present the Breakout Leadership Program

  • Review the program with your company
  • Discuss improvements to the program
  • Modify and finalize the program


   Pre-Rollout of the Breakout Leadership Program

  • Establish accountability structure for senior managers acting as sponsors
  • Ensure CEO/Executive Committee endorsement of program
  • Select senior manager sponsors
  • Select high potential participants


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