Summit Leadership Advisors.

Diverse leadership in an organization will heighten innovation, attract and retain talent, fulfill corporate values, and increase profitability. Summit Leadership Advisors helps companies achieve diversity at the leadership level and make lasting improvements to their organizations, their people, and their culture.

We offer a powerful, career-changing, Breakout Leadership Program which allows an organization to transform its culture and extend diversity to the top levels. The program targets high potential diverse professionals and involves senior managers who act as advocates for these potential leaders. We will work with your organization to develop a customized program to complement your own diversity initiatives and unique culture. Components of such a program would include:

  1. Developing Your Customized Breakout Leadership Program. We will work with you to customize a program that capitalizes on your cultural strengths and creates solutions for achieving enhanced leadership diversity. Read more about the program development phase HERE.
  1. Roll-out of Your Breakout Leadership Program. The Breakout Leadership Program includes four important areas of focus: Awareness Training, Developing a Culture of Sponsorship, High Potential Leadership Training, and High Impact Networking Events.  Learn more about the roll-out HERE.
  1. Maintaining and Follow-up of Your Breakout Leadership Program. We will ensure the participants are on track to accomplish their goals. We will also analyze the program’s performance metrics and develop modifications for sustained diverse leadership growth. Read more about program maintenance and follow-up HERE.
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