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Roll-out of  Your Breakout Leadership Program


The Breakout Leadership Program consists of four important areas of focus. Summit Leadership Advisors will help you select and modify segments of the program which reflect this focus to enhance your current diversity advancement initiatives. The areas of focus include:


Awareness Training

An important part of enhancing a company’s culture is making managers aware of how well they help promote the values and needs of their employees. This awareness is achieved through two programs.

  • Unconscious Bias Awareness training for senior manager sponsors: Everyone exhibits unconscious bias and it cannot be eliminated through training. However, those who are aware of factors which are likely to contribute to unconscious bias can avoid or change their behavior to minimize biased actions.
  • Reverse Mentoring Session for senior manager sponsors and high potentials: Reverse mentoring is a highly effective method of building awareness and empathy between senior managers and high potentials. The session is a monitored discussion between both groups which helps to clarify gender-related issues.


Training to Create a Culture of Sponsorship

One of the most critical contributors to diverse leadership is sponsorship of high potential women and minority professionals. Sponsors, not mentors, help their protégé’s ascension to the top at their organizations by advocating for their pay, projects, and promotions. Yet men are nearly fifty percent more likely than women, and Caucasians almost two-thirds more likely than professionals of color, to gain sponsorship at the senior level. Without targeted programs in place, leaders tend to sponsor employees similar to themselves.  Women, in particular, are significantly less likely to leave an organization at the critical mid-point of their careers if they have sponsorship.

The Sponsorship Segment of the Breakout Leadership Program includes:

  • Selecting senior manager sponsor/high potential pairs
  • Sponsorship workshop with senior manager sponsors
  • Sponsorship workshop with high potentials
  • Initiation of the sponsorship relationship and attainment of goals over the duration of the program


High Potential’s Leadership Training

The most effective programs for advancing diverse candidates to senior management positions include leadership training for the high potential professionals. These programs cover a number of leadership competencies. Diverse high potentials benefit especially from communication, risk taking, confidence building and career planning sessions, though the training will cover a significant number of additional leadership skills in the following formats:

  • Group training
  • Peer coaching
  • Individual career coaching


High Impact Networking Events

High potentials need to gain a network of senior managers, including Executive Committee members, to advance to leadership positions. Importantly, though, they need to establish more significant working relationships with some of the executives to help with their advocacy and influence within the company.

  • Events with company executives
  • Networking with senior women
  • Project work with company executives


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